Organic Health Foods

Organic health foods are far better for you, in that they won’t have been contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, won’t contain harmful additives and will invariably taste better too! The full extent of the toxicity of herbicides and pesticides in food is not fully understood.  From animal studies, we know that certain pesticides can cause … Read more

Stomach Cancer Information

Information on Stomach Cancer: The causes of stomach cancer Scientists do not currently know the cause of stomach cancer, but they have identified a number of risk factors that can affect your chance of getting it. Diet is of particular importance – especially in the case of high quantities of smoked or pickled food. Food … Read more

Water Filters

Water is essential for almost every process within our bodies.  In fact your body comprises over 70% water.  Drinking plenty of water every day increases your cellular hydration, rehydrating the skin and helping your body to eliminate toxins.  Try to avoid flavoured water, because it is loaded with artificial sweeteners or sugar. You should also … Read more

Aluminium-free Deodorants Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

Aluminium salts (aluminum salts) are the active antiperspirant ingredient used in many underarm deodorants. Mainstream cancer research organisations claim that there is no link between these antiperspirants and breast cancer.  However, recent studies indicate otherwise. Aluminium-based antiperspirants work by blocking the pores of your underarms, preventing the release of sweat.  However, this also blocks the … Read more

Testicular Cancer Information

Information on Testicular Cancer: The types of testicular cancer Testicular cancer comes in two different forms. Seminomas are more common in the 25 to 55 year old age group whilst teratomas are more commonly found in the 15 to 35 year old age group. Sometimes a patient may have both types of cancer present in … Read more

Uterine Cancer Information

Information on Uterine Cancer: The causes of cancer of the uterus. Although Scientists have not yet determined the cause of cancer of the uterus, they have identified a number of factors that can put you at risk. Your age group is quite important because uterine cancer is rare in women under 50 years old – … Read more

Oesophageal Cancer Information

Information on Oesophageal Cancer: The causes of oesophageal cancer Oesophageal cancer is quite rare in the UK. Consequently the exact causes are not known. However, Scientists have found that it is much more common in older people, particularly men. It is also thought that poor diet and conditions such as chronic acid reflux (repeated surging … Read more

The top things to avoid to reduce your cancer risk

Ever wondered how to reduce your risk of cancer?  In addition to our nutrition and cancer prevention section, you should take a look at the following articles, which highlight the top things you should avoid to reduce your cancer risk: Related PostsKale – An Anti-Cancer Food Ginger Root And The Prevention Of Cancer Can Figs … Read more

The top things to do to reduce your risk

Below is a list of articles highlighting what you can do to reduce your cancer risk.  You may also wish to visit our cancer prevention section, which covers many cancer-fighting foods: Related PostsThe Health Benefits of Chocolate Cheese And Your Cancer Risk Bananas And Cancer Prevention How Asparagus Could Help Prevent Cancer Could Blueberries Help … Read more

Mouth and Throat Cancer Information

Information on Mouth and Throat Cancer: The causes of mouth and throat cancer Scientists are not yet familiar with all of the causes of mouth and throat cancer, but there are a number of factors that are known to increase your risk. The primary factors in the UK seem to be alcohol and tobacco – … Read more

Amaranth and Cancer Prevention

Amaranth is an ancient grain of the Aztecs, which is thought to date back as much as 8000 years ago. It was almost lost due to the conquering Spaniards burning the amaranth fields as part of their conquest. Today, the amaranth grain is cultivated in China, Mexico, Central America and more recently in certain parts … Read more

Skin Cancer Information

Information on Skin Cancer: The types of skin cancer There are three main types of skin cancer. These are: Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, and Malignant melanoma – which is discussed in another section. Over 75% of skin cancers in the UK are basal cell carcinomas – a cancer of the cells at the … Read more

Prostate Cancer Information

Information on Prostate Cancer: Unlike most other types of cancer, prostate cancer is often present in small amounts within the prostate with no ill effects. The difference is that this type of cancer often remains dormant for some time before it develops into something more serious. Approximately 30% of men over 50 years old have … Read more

Alternative Medicine for Cancer Patients

“If you are in the health profession and want to get a lot of people angry at you, begin to cure incurable diseases”.  David J Getoff, Naturopath and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. The following articles represent a comprehensive guide to the alternative medicine or integrated medicine available for people with cancer. This section has been … Read more

Laboratories That Conduct Cancer-Related Tests

To follow is a list of laboratories that offer a range of diagnostic screening tests to help with the detection and monitoring of various cancers, including : Cancer antigen CA 15-3 – a sensitive blood test that gives an elevated result in the presence of breast cancer. Cancer antigen CA 125 – a blood test … Read more