The top things to do to reduce your risk

Below is a list of articles highlighting what you can do to reduce your cancer risk.  You may also wish to visit our cancer prevention section, which covers many cancer-fighting foods: Related PostsKale – An Anti-Cancer Food Ginger Root And The Prevention Of Cancer Organic Health Foods Hyperthermia and Cancer Can Figs Prevent Cancer? Study: … Read more

Almonds and Cancer Prevention

Almonds, and especially almond extract, contain benzaldehyde, which is shown in studies to exert an anti-cancer effect.  So use almond extract to flavour drinks and find ways to include almonds in your diet. Almonds also contain a high level of dietary fibre, which has been shown to help reduce the risk of colon/bowel cancer. They … Read more

Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis

“Wheat belly“, by William Davis MD is an excellent and highly compelling book.  It details the fact that wheat has been grossly manipulated (over the course of decades) into a new and potentially dangerous product. It has gone from a 12 chromosome grass to a 42 chromosome abomination that, as Dr Davis points out, exaggerates … Read more