An introduction to Cancer Uncensored

This book is about your survival. On that basis, it deliberately pulls no punches. We live in an environment where cancer levels are increasing daily, despite the efforts of mainstream medicine.

The base reality is that cancer is largely preventable and that the exact same preventative steps can also be used to significantly increase the chance of your survival if you are diagnosed.

The US alone has spent in excess of $400 billion in cancer research, with literally thousands of studies concluded worldwide, and yet our mainstream treatment methods have barely changed to reflect the new data.  In fact, data shows that many mainstream approaches kill as many people as they save.

In this book, you will learn the key facts that the studies have highlighted – the simple actions you can take, and changes you can make, to decrease your risk of cancer many times over, or else to greatly increase your chances of survival if you have already been diagnosed.

In order to make the best use of this book, you will need to adjust your mindset to take into account the following:

  1. The fields of cancer research and treatment are hugely political and support an industry with an annual turnover exceeding three quarters of a TRILLION dollars worldwide.  Idealists would like to see a cure for cancer, but the cure would slash the bottom line of one of the planet’s largest industries.  This is bound to influence the choices that the industry makes and their attitude towards solutions that cannot easily be monetised.
  2. Your Doctor does not know everything.  After Medical school, your Doctor stays abreast of the latest research via medical journals which are largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry.  These journals are biased in favour of mainstream medicine because it promotes the pharmaceutical products that pay for the Journal’s existence.  Of course your doctor plays a vital role, but you must educate yourself and question their recommendations.
  3. Less than 2% of cancer research is devoted to prevention even though it is widely acknowledged that 85% of cancer is preventable.
  4. Preventing cancer and helping your body to fight it (if you have been diagnosed), are largely the same process.

The first step is understanding that you cannot focus purely on cancer without first addressing the wider perspective of your general health.

Therefore, the information presented within this book is not only aimed at improving your odds of survival where cancer is concerned, but it also addresses your energy levels, general health and well-being and can have an impact upon many other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and more.

I would hope that you would attack this material with veracity, as it carries within it the statistical probability of adding years to your life-span.  Years to be spent with loved ones, enjoying retirement, and fulfilling your potential.

However, I am a realist.  Life gets in the way and some of the studies presented in the book highlight action steps requiring more effort than others.

On that basis, whilst I provide what I believe to be the complete picture, at the conclusion of this book I have created several cheat sheets containing the actions you need to take.  These have been divided into three subcategories, to suit three levels of dedication to this process:

  1. The lazy guide (the easiest and yet most effective strategies).
  2. The dedicated guide (additional strategies to give you the edge, whilst still being reasonably practical).
  3. The survivor’s guide (every single strategy which holds credibility that can be used synergistically to maximise your chance of survival.  This is for those who will do whatever it takes to minimise their risk of cancer or to fight back beyond diagnosis).

I appreciate that there is a lot of information already available on the subject, but unfortunately, some of it is conflicting, some of it is hard to substantiate with empirical evidence and a significant proportion of it has been generated whilst simultaneously furthering the vested interests of the drug companies who make billions from this condition.

It has taken considerable research to draw out the common threads associated with survival and longevity, but this book is the culmination of that research process.  I have done the work so that you don’t have to, and make it accessible in one place for your easy consumption.

As time goes on, and as new study data becomes available, I shall endeavour to keep this work current and up to date, but in the interim please take action.  Not a lethargic, half-hearted “I’m too busy” action, but vigourous, dedicated and daily action to hold onto the most precious gifts you have – HEALTH and TIME.

In fact, get angry.  Emotion drives us to action and a brief shot of anger yields to determination.  Refuse to settle for ill-health, reduced life-span, lower levels of energy and the inability to participate in LIFE.  Cancer is a legacy that has been handed down to people through society-driven changes in the environment, diet, lifestyle choices, blinkered medicine and more – but you do not have to accept it.  Just say NO! – and mean it!

Based upon the data I will present, you will see that cancer, for the most part, is a consequence of what your body is exposed to – less than 10% of cancers are related to your genetics.  All you need is the right information, the right research and the right plan of action to change the options available to you.

Nobody can guarantee a cure, and nobody can guarantee prevention.  However, statistically, the vast majority of cases could be prevented and there are known factors that hinder the development and growth of cancer when you have it.  This is where both you and I will focus our energy.

It is time to get serious.  It is time to SURVIVE.

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Christopher C. Evans
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About the Author

Christopher C. Evans is the Technical Director of Drug-Aware Ltd, a UK medical diagnostic and training company founded in 2001.  He commenced his career at a Forensics laboratory, specialising in Drugs Misuse and Toxicology for 5 years, before expanding into medical diagnostics, training and consultancy.

As a specialist in drug and alcohol screening, awareness training, and policy development, Christopher has worked with hundreds of organisations (including dozens of well-known household names), personally training staff from over 70 UK HM Prisons, several Police Forces, and well over a hundred NHS hospitals, drug treatment centres and GP surgeries.

Literally thousands of delegates from almost all industry sectors have attended his training seminars on workplace drug awareness, policy development and testing, and as a result, he has frequently provided expert commentary to national press, television and radio.

Christopher’s roots in medical diagnostics subsequently enabled him to expand into the health, beauty and nutrition markets, with such business interests as http://www.derma-rollers.com

Of course, success in any field soon leads to the urge to give back and support those less fortunate, so Christopher founded http://www.eDonor.co.uk, which enables online shoppers to donate to charity as they shop, without it costing them a penny.

Christopher has helped to promote the early diagnosis of cancer through several different novel diagnostic tests over the last 15 years, but has found the medical and cancer research communities to be extraordinarily resistant to change and new technologies.

So he decided that the power to make a change should be put squarely in the hands of the patient and not the practitioner.  The end result is Cancer Uncensored – your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection, and cancer survival.

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