Carcinogenic Parabens Are Contaminating The U.S. Food Supply

Shocking new test results show that carcinogenic parabens are finding their way into a significant proportion of our foods.  The researchers found that an astounding 90% of the food samples tested contained “measurable” concentrations of parabens.

Parabens are normally used in cosmetics and lotions and should not be consumed.  But now they are entering our waterways and food chain.  A recent study from the UK’s University of Reading established that parabens in human breast tissue can cause cells to proliferate into cancer cells.  But that isn’t the limit of their harm…

(By Case Adams) Activist Post Researchers may have solved a vexing mystery as to why parabens contamination in humans has been so pervasive in recent studies: Parabens are increasingly contaminating our food supply. Researchers from the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, along with the University of New York at Albany have determined in a study of foods purchased from local markets that much of the U.S. food supply is contaminated with parabens – a group of chemicals thought previously to produce exposure in humans through the skin in cosmetics and lotions containing […]

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My son has acute lymphoblastic leukemia – how can we support his treatment?


My son is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  He has started his chemotherapy already, but please advise as to the efforts we can put in on our part.


Thank you for your email.  Whilst I am not legally allowed to give medical advice, (please see my medical disclaimer), if I was in your situation I would definitely look into getting a juicer.

This is different to a blender or smoothie maker.  A good quality juicer (and preferably a masticating juicer) will crush fruit and vegetables to release purely the liquid contained within.  A good juicer crushes almost every single cell, so that the pulp is dry afterwards.

The reason I say this, is that you can give your child all manner of very healthy fruit and vegetables that they would not normally consider eating.  If you use apples as a base, with oranges and lime to disguise the taste, you can add broccoli, spinach, carrot, and a number of other anti-cancer vegetables that have been shown to kill or inhibit cancer cells.

Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and red grapes are all good anti-cancer foods.  Ginger is excellent, but has a strong taste, so your child may not want it.

I know of no other way to ensure that a child will consume upwards of 12 portions of fruit and vegetables per day to support their recovery and to help minimise the harmful effects of the treatment.  Kiwifruit has even been shown to prevent DNA damage.

During treatment, it may be very difficult for them to consume anything, given the side-effects of chemotherapy, but if they are getting quality raw, organic fruit and vegetable juice, then it is the best you can do nutritionally unless you also add supplements.  Fresh juice is also best if consumed within 30 minutes of juicing, so that it does not oxidise.

I would also ensure that my child was getting enough omega-3 oils.  The best way is to buy cold pressed organic flax seed oil and to put it on your child’s dinner.  For an adult with cancer, two tablespoons per day is ideal, so for a child 5ml (a teaspoon) per day would be fine.

If you haven’t already purchased the book, Cancer Uncensored, you can learn more about the best foods for your child in the nutrition section of this website.

You can also check out the latest alternative medicine options.  I appreciate that in your case, you are already pursuing chemotherapy.  But in a perfect world, I would recommend you undertake a chemosensitivity test, in order to discover what chemotherapy drugs and natural compounds actually kill your son’s cancer cells, and perhaps just as importantly, which ones do not work.  That way, you can focus on the most effective treatments and supplement with any natural substances that have been shown to kill his particular cancer.

But as with anything medical, I must make a medical disclaimer that nothing in this website is to be considered medical advice and that you should discuss any treatment options or nutritional choices with your doctor.

I sincerely wish you, your son and the rest of your family the best of luck and good health.

Kind Regards
Chris - Cancer Uncensored Signature
Christopher Evans
Author of Cancer Uncensored

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Cauliflower And The Prevention Of Cancer

The Prevention Of Cancer With Cauliflower

As you will have seen in the cabbage section, compounds within cauliflower stimulate the production of I3C, which suppresses the protein that triggers excessive cell reproduction that is common to many types of cancer.

Like broccoli, cauliflower also contains indoles, including sulphuraphane, an isothiocyanate that seems to inhibit breast tumours.

Cauliflower also contains glucosinolates, which have been shown in studies to decrease the risk of prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancer.

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Can Cabbage Prevent Cancer?

Cabbage And Cancer Prevention

A study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research in 2010 highlighted an exciting new benefit to consuming cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables.

Consuming these vegetables encourages your body to synthesise indole-3-carbinol. This substance, otherwise known as I3C helps to break down a protein complex that is associated with excessive and deregulated reproduction of cells.

The protein complex known as Cdc25A, has been shown to be significantly elevated in cases of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and cancers of the head and neck, liver, oesophagus, endometrium and colon. Typically, the higher the level of Cdc25A, the poorer the prognosis for the patient.

If the hallmark of cancer is the uncontrolled and deregulated reproduction of cells caused by the excess Cdc25A, and the I3C helps to prevent this, (and therefore helps to stop the spread / growth of cancer) then it makes cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, a vital feature of any anti-cancer diet.

The researchers went on to say “Cdc25A is present at abnormally high levels in about half of breast cancer cases, and it is associated with a poor prognosis”.

“I3C can have striking effects on cancer cells, and a better understanding of this mechanism may lead to the use of this dietary supplement as an effective and safe strategy for treating a variety of cancers and other human diseases associated with the over-expression of Cdc25A.”

In the laboratory, when researchers exposed cultured breast cancer cells to I3C, they discovered that it destroyed the excess Cdc25A. They then moved on to animal trials, where they were able to demonstrate that dietary supplements containing active ingredients from broccoli and brussels sprouts were able to reduce the breast cancer tumour sizes in mice by up to 65% when administered orally.

Cabbage contains glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, vitamin C and dietary fibre, all of which have been shown to exert an anti-cancer effect, slowing or preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Cabbage can be added to your diet in a number of ways, from being included in salad, being boiled or steamed and added to a roast dinner, all the way through to being fermented and eaten as sauerkraut.

A Polish women’s health study conducted upon hundreds of Polish and Polish-born women (now living in the US), revealed that the women who consumed three or more servings of cabbage per week were 72% less likely to develop breast cancer in comparison with their counterparts, who only consumed one and a half servings per week or less. The portions included raw, lightly cooked or fermented cabbage in the form of sauerkraut.

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The Anti-Cancer Properties of Apricots

Could Apricots Prevent Cancer?
Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, along with vitamin C, fibre, quercetin and lycopene which all exhibit cancer-fighting properties. In a dried form, they make excellent healthy snacks. The American Cancer Society states that apricots and other foods that are rich in carotenes have the potential to lower the risk of various cancers, including those of the oesophagus, lungs and larynx.

A study of over 50,000 registered female nurses also discovered that those nurses consuming the highest quantities of vitamin A, reduced the likelihood of developing cataracts by nearly 40%, making apricots a fantastic preserver of eye health, by preventing free radical damage to eye tissues over time.

The dried apricots you might get from your supermarket are a bright orange colour, but naturally, apricots turn brown after a short period of time. Maintaining this bright orange colour is due to treatment by sulphur dioxide, which is a preserving agent. Health food stores normally provide unprocessed apricots, which are brown but taste the same.

The seed within the apricots contain significant quantities of vitamin B17, which as described in the section on Apples, has been cited as being one of the most important tools against cancer by many practitioners of alternative medicine.

You can purchase apricot seeds from health food stores, although they may be more difficult to acquire in certain countries.  The more bitter the apricot kernal, the greater the concentration of vitamin B17.  For example, they are available as sweet, bitter and extrememly bitter.

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Cancer Prevention With Beetroot or Beets

Cancer Prevention Using Beetroot or Beets

Beetroot contains a whole range of active ingredients that can help to fight cancer. Firstly, the red pigment (betacyanin) found in beetroot has some anticarcinogenic properties, but not only that, beets also have the property of being able to increase the cellular intake of oxygen by as much as 400%.

This is great news, because cancer cells respond very poorly to elevated levels of oxygen. In fact, a recent study revealed that beetroot juice enabled people to exercise for up to 16% longer because they required less oxygen for the same level of aerobic activity!

Beets also contain manganese, which is needed for your body’s production of interferon, which has been shown in studies to act as a powerful anti-cancer agent.

In addition, betaine, found in beetroot, stimulates liver cells to eliminate toxins. This defence of the liver and bile ducts enables your liver to function more effectively, which detoxifies your whole system.

Many cancer patients have a heavy load placed upon their livers, so any mechanism to improve the function is a good idea. Beetroot juice not only contains high levels of betaine, but it is also alkaline which helps reverse acidosis, which is a precursor for a number of diseases. Any foods that encourage an alkaline environment set up a hostile environment for cancer, because cancer cells prefer acidic conditions within the body.

Beetroot juice has also been found to widen blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure. Just a single 250ml glass each day was clinically proven to significantly lower blood pressure just 24 hours later. Researchers discovered that the active ingredient that achieves this effect was nitrates, because nitrates formed nitric oxide in the blood. They also found that taking nitrates in tablet form achieved the same effect.

Finally, beetroot juice can also combat the effects of nitrites, (not to be confused with nitrates) which are the chemical preservatives used in cured meat products, such as ham. Nitrites have been shown to increase your risk of stomach and bowel cancer. Better to avoid nitrites in cured meats altogether, but if you don’t, then try to consume them with beetroot on the side (as part of a salad) or as beetroot juice.

One word of warning though, for anyone that has not consumed much beetroot before, not everybody has the enzymes necessary to break down the coloured pigment, so you may experience purple or red urine, which is known as beeturia. But this is perfectly harmless.

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Barley And Its Anti-Cancer Properties

The Anti-Cancer Properties of Barley

Barley is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Two different rat studies have indicated significant benefits from consuming Barley in your diet. The first, demonstrated that Barley increases bowel movement and relieves constipation (which reduces your risk of bowel cancer), and the second showed that in rats with existing colon cancer, the group fed on Barley had significantly fewer tumours than the other groups.

This could be due to the effects of the fibre enabling the colon to function correctly, or it could be due to a number of the other anti-cancer compounds found within the Barley including beta-glucans, which aid in immune function and help to lower cholesterol. Other antioxidants, including selenium, quercetin and phenolic acids have all been shown to help reduce cell damage from free radicals, and exert an anti-cancer effect.

To include Barley in your diet, you can replace anywhere up to 50% of the wheat flour you use with Barley flour (although I would advocate you eliminate wheat from your diet altogether if possible), or else you can add cooked Barley to other foods such as soups and salads. Barley flakes are a very simple addition to breakfast cereal.

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Broccoli – An Anti-Cancer Food

Is Broccoli An Anti-Cancer Food?

Much interest in cancer prevention is focused on cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Broccoli contains indoles, including sulphuraphane, an isothiocyanate that seems to inhibit breast tumours.

Broccoli also contains glucosinolates, which, when consumed along with the necessary enzyme to break them down (which is in the broccoli itself) , have been shown to reduce the risk of prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancer.

By weight, fresh broccoli, boiled and drained, has 16% more vitamin C than an orange, roughly as much calcium as milk, a significant amount of iron, and the stalk is high in fibre.

Power Combination: combine Broccoli with Brazil nuts or walnuts, eggs, soya beans or seafoodbecause the addition of selenium greatly increases the cancer fighting properties of the broccoli.

Power Combination: combine broccoli with tomatoes. Tomatoes are a potent source of lycopene. When lycopene was combined with the glycosinolates in broccoli, animal studies showed a tomato/broccoli combination was able to reduce tumour size by up to 52%. Be sure to include a little bit of cold-pressed olive oil, to help with the digestion of lycopene because it is fat-soluble and needs the oil to help your body absorb it.

Finally, whilst I would always prefer you to get your nutrition from your diet, it isn’t always practical or possible.  So I also keep a stock of supplements containing the most powerful active ingredients in broccoliJarrow Formulas Broccomax is a good supplement, and you can search Amazon for Broccomax here.

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Recommended Books on Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Whilst Cancer Uncensored the book, is a complete reference guide to cancer prevention, early detection and survival, I would always advise people to read around the subject so that they can make their own informed decisions when it comes to their health.  By all means, consult with your Doctor… but ultimately all decisions regarding your own health are yours.

I found the following books to be immensely helpful.

I will constantly add my recommended books on cancer prevention and treatment over time, so please check back here often.  Equally, I will also add resources for recipes, anti-cancer diet strategies and more.

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Chili Peppers and Cancer Prevention

Chili Peppers For Cancer Prevention

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chilli peppers that makes them “hot”, has a number of anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and heart-health boosting properties.

A study conducted at Nottingham University in the UK showed that Capsaicin killed laboratory cultured lung cancer cells and pancreatic cancer cells, by attacking the cells’ source of energy and triggering programmed cell death. Furthermore, the capsaicin did this without harming the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Timothy Bates, who led the study, reported “This is incredibly exciting and may explain why people living in countries like Mexico and India, who traditionally eat a diet which is very spicy, tend to have lower incidences of many cancers that are prevalent in the Western world.”

“We appear to have discovered a fundamental weakness with all cancer cells. Capsaicin specifically targets cancerous cells, leading to the possibility that a drug based on it would kill tumors with few or no side effects for the patient.”

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati also discovered that they could significantly reduce the damage to heart cells during a heart attack if they applied a topical cream containing capsaicin to the skin, because it triggered certain nervous system responses and “pro-survival pathways” that protect the heart. In animal studies, the scientists discovered an incredible 85% reduction in heart cell death when they used the cream, which makes it the most powerful cardioprotective substance detected so far.

Capsaicin is already used in a number of topical medications for pain relief.

It appears that habanero peppers have the highest levels of capsaicin of any pepper, and in mouse studies conducted by UCLA in 2009, researchers were able to shrink prostate tumours by 80%, verses untreated mice. This was done over a 2 month period, using the human equivalent of 8 fresh habanero peppers, (or 400mg capsaicin), eaten 3 times per week for a 170lb man.

Research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School showed that capsaicin induced apoptosis (programmed cell death) in pancreatic cancer cells.

More recent research has shown that capsaicin has inhibited the growth of adult leukaemia cells and gastric cancer.

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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water DropsOur bodies are made up of almost 70% water.  Healthy blood pH is around 7.35 to 7.45, which is slightly alkaline.  However, many of the foods we eat and many of the environmental factors we are exposed to are acidic.  Therefore, we need alkaline substances in our diet to help us balance the pH of our bodies.

In the absence of balance, the body draws calcium from our teeth and bones to neutralise the acid in our blood.  This is one of the reasons why sugar rots your teeth.  It also rots your bones!

Even if your fizzy drinks were put straight into your stomach via a tube, you would still get tooth decay, because in order to neutralise the carbonic acid, your body would draw the calcium from your teeth.

We simply do not have enough calcium reserves to cope with it all, which is why many elderly suffer from osteoporosis.

Prescription drugs, smoking, meat, dairy, some nuts, sugar and wheat all increase the acidity of your body.  A significant problem with this is that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

So not only should we avoid carbonated drinks, we should actively try to repair the pH balance by drinking alkaline water.

You can buy machines that you can hook up to your kitchen tap so that it…

  1. filters the water, (to remove heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and various other toxins),
  2. adds minerals to it,
  3. processes it to make it a pH of 8 or greater, adding hydrogen (which easily donates its electrons), and
  4. reduces the molecule cluster size, (making it more easily absorbable for better hydration).

We know that having a negative charge, (from electrons), is important to the membranes of our cells, because they use the variation in charge, (from the positively charged nucleus to the negatively charged exterior of the cell), to move waste out of the cell and to bring nutrition and oxygen in.

Therefore, not only do we make our body more hostile to cancer by consuming more alkaline substances, but the extra electrons available from alkaline water help to restore the charge to our cell membranes.  Cancer cells have a negative charge on their cell membranes that is three times lower than healthy cells.

Consuming alkaline water also helps to destroy free radicals in your bloodstream before they have chance to damage your cells.  This makes alkaline water somewhat of an antioxidant.

Interestingly, you can see some videos of the before and after effects of alkaline water on YouTube.  In particular videos of the insides of people’s colons after using this water.  It is amazing what water can do for your health.  They even use alkaline water to kill E. coli and salmonella in chicken processing plants.

There are several places in the world that people flock to for miraculous healing water, such as the springs of Lourdes in France, the caves of Nordenau in Germany, the wells of Tlacote in Mexico and more.

Scientific research conducted by Dr Shirahata of Kyushu University in Japan, shows that these “miraculous” sources of water contain as much as 200 to 300 times more hydrogen than normal tap water.

I use a KeoSan Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System because it infuses tap water with abundant hydrogen and it tastes great.  I couldn’t be without it.

Further research has also been conducted into the energetic levels of water.  It appears that water has some form of energetic memory.  Still and dead water has larger clusters of molecules and low energy.  But if the water is vortexed, or falls down a waterfall, it ends up with smaller clusters of molecules and greater levels of energy in it.

Interestingly, this makes it a better solvent, so it can remove waste better or transport nutrients more effectively.  If you shake a drink that has settled, it mixes up again.  This is the same principle.

Not only does the KeoSan machine filter out unwanted impurities, re-mineralise and alkalinise the water, but it also vortexes it to help it to form hexagonal clusters of energised water that are better absorbed.

There are other brands out there, but for less than £200 or $300, this brand seemed excellent value for money, considering its unique features.

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Dr Johanna Budwig – The Budwig Diet

Dr Budwig, (30 September 1908 – 19 May 2003) , was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize.  She claimed to have a greater than 90% success rate with her protocol which was used on all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period.

“What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief, but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test-tube) as well as in vivo (real)… ” – Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP (Oncologist and former cardiologist) in 1990.

Dr Budwig’s protocol relied upon eliminating the four suspected “causes” of cancer:

  • Nutritional deficiency.
  • A weakened immune system.
  • Toxins.
  • Oxygen deprivation.

She did this through a diet rich in flaxseed oil, mixed with cottage cheese or quark, along with meals high in fruit, vegetables and fibre.  She also advocated the avoidance of refined sugar, animal fats, meat and processed oils.

Some of Dr Budwig’s most compelling research showed that refined vegetable oils, margarine and deep-fried foods, deprived the cells in your body of oxygen.

Mainstream science has already proven that the nucleus of every cell carries a positive charge, and the membrane on the outside of each cell carries a negative charge.  Further research shows that the negative charge on the outside of healthy cells is three times stronger than in cancer cells.

It is believed that if the negative charge on the outside of cells is diminished, it also reduces the cell’s ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients, whilst simultaneously making it much harder for the cell to excrete waste products.

Dr Budwig discovered that many types of processed oil, (which have been heated for up to an hour during processing), strip the negative charge from the surface of our cells.  Dr Budwig’s research showed that chemically processed fats and oils are not water-soluble when they are bound to protein in your body.  They end up damaging the action of the heart, blocking circulation, inhibiting the renewal process of your cells and impeding the free flow of blood and lymphatic fluids.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids reverse this process.

On that basis, an abundance of “dead” heat treated oils and a lack of fresh omega-3 oils could be a major contributor to our current cancer crisis.

Dr Budwig was a firm advocate of cold-pressed oils, which had not undergone extensive processing.  Flaxseed, olive oil, sunflower oil, virgin coconut oil and safflower oil were all recommended.

But the mainstay of her treatment, flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese or quark was far superior.  Dr Budwig found that this combination helped to restore the electrical balance of your cells and was very high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

The average Western diet has a ratio of around 15 parts of omega-6 to 1 part omega-3.

In 2009, the Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health in Washington DC, published study data that indirectly confirms Dr Budwig’s findings and beliefs.  They stated that…

“such a high ratio has been shown to increase the likelihood of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, whereas increased levels of omega-3 (a low omega-6/omega-3 ratio) exert suppressive effects.

In the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, a ratio of 4/1 was associated with a 70% decrease in total mortality. A ratio of 2.5/1 reduced rectal cell proliferation in patients with colorectal cancer…  The lower omega-6/omega-3 ratio in women with breast cancer was associated with decreased risk. A ratio of 2-3/1 suppressed inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and a ratio of 5/1 had a beneficial effect on patients with asthma.”

Dr Budwig is sadly no longer with us, however her research, books and recipes for use at home are still available.

Dr Budwig noted…

“The formation of tumors usually happens as follows.  In those body areas which normally host many growth processes, such as in the skin and membranes, the glandular organs, for example, the liver and pancreas or the glands in the stomach and intestinal tract – it is here that the growth processes are brought to a standstill.  Because the dipolarity is missing, due to the lack of electron-rich highly unsaturated fat, the course of growth is disturbed – the surface-active fats are not present; the substance becomes inactive before the maturing and shedding process of the cells ever takes place, which results in the formation of tumors.”

In one of her books, Dr Budwig wrote…

“I often take very sick cancer patients away from hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours.  This is mostly accompanied by very good results. The very first thing that these patients and their families tell me is that, in the hospital, it was said that they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements.  They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous.  Everything was blocked.  It greatly encourages them when suddenly, in all these symptoms, the surface-active fats, with their wealth of electrons, (from the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture), start reactivating the vital functions and the patient immediately begins to feel better”.

“I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed.  Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money.  I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country.” – Dr Budwig.

As Dr Willner, M.D., Ph.D., author of The Cancer Solution, says, “Numerous, independent clinical studies published in major medical journals worldwide confirm Dr. Budwig’s findings….  Over 40 years ago Dr Budwig presented clear and convincing evidence, which has been confirmed by hundreds of other related scientific research papers since, that the essential fatty acids were at the core of the answer to the cancer problem…  You will come to your own conclusions as to why this simple effective prevention and therapy has not only been ignored – it has been suppressed!”

In order to make use of this information, we really need to actively manage our nutrition.  But we cannot even rely on the nutrient profile of the produce we consume, due to the effects of over farming and food processing.

“Compared to 100 years ago, Omega 3 is down 80%, B vitamins are estimated to be down to about 50% of the daily requirement. Vitamin B6 consumption may be low, as it is removed in grain milling and not replaced. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E have also been lost in food processing. Minerals are depleted in a similar way. Fibre is down 75-80%. Antinutrients have increased substantially – saturated fat, 100%; cholesterol, 50%; refined sugar nearly 1000%; salt up to 500%; and funny fat isomers nearly 1,000%.” – Dr Rudin.

For more information on Dr Budwig’s methodologies and other alternative practitioners visit:

Or else visit our alternative medicine section.


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Achieving the “impossible” with cancer

Nothing is Impossible

There is an old Chinese proverb which says… “The person who says it cannot be done, shouldn’t interrupt the person doing it!” This couldn’t be more true with cancer and alternative medicine.

Many people have such blind faith in their doctors, and the doctors have such blind faith in the system (and the pharmaceutical giants behind it) that they lose sight of the fact that there are other alternatives out there. Alternatives that have shown significant promise in small scale studies, but that have not received any funding for research because they cannot easily be monetised by the healthcare industry.

All I am trying to do with my book, Cancer Uncensored, is to reopen people’s eyes to the incredible healing potential of nature and the human body, if given the right raw materials and conditions. For example, in 11 different studies, curcumin in turmeric has been shown to shrink tumours by an average of 81 percent with no side effects! These preliminary results are better than what you would expect with modern chemotherapy.

Read more in our nutrition section or alternative medicine section.

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Amaranth and Cancer Prevention

Amaranth For Cancer Prevention

Amaranth is an ancient grain of the Aztecs, which is thought to date back as much as 8000 years ago. It was almost lost due to the conquering Spaniards burning the amaranth fields as part of their conquest.

Today, the amaranth grain is cultivated in China, Mexico, Central America and more recently in certain parts of the US including Nebraska, Illinois and Colorado.

Amaranth has the highest level of protein per serving out of all of the different grains, including an amino acid called lysine which none of the other grains have. Amaranth can be added to other plant protein sources to create whole protein, which enables humans to be vegetarian without deficiencies. It is very high in fibre, which has been shown to reduce the likelihood of bowel cancer and is a great source of iron, which enables our body to manufacture red blood cells and keep our oxygen levels high.

It also contains the cancer fighting phytochemical squalene, along with calcium, magnesium and folic acid.

In studies, the antioxidant squalene has been shown to reduce or halt the blood supply to tumours, thereby reducing their ability to grow and spread. Shark oil, only has 1% squalene content, whereas amaranth oil is 8%. Other studies also indicate that the amaranth seed can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.

When it comes to heart disease, amaranth is almost as effective in lowering LDL-cholesterol as oats, and in the case of diabetics, amaranth has been found to reduce the incidence of hyperglycaemia (an excess of blood sugar). In one study, that used diabetic rats, amaranth was seen to significantly decrease serum glucose, increase insulin levels and normalised elevated liver function markers.

You can use amaranth flour to add this grain to your diet, or else you can toast the seeds in a pan, which makes them pop like popcorn. This can then be added to casseroles, salads or used as a crunchy topping for soups, lasagne or even as a replacement for breadcrumbs on fish or meat.

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Almonds and Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention With Almonds

Almonds, and especially almond extract, contain benzaldehyde, which is shown in studies to exert an anti-cancer effect.  So use almond extract to flavour drinks and find ways to include almonds in your diet.

Almonds also contain a high level of dietary fibre, which has been shown to help reduce the risk of colon/bowel cancer. They also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, folic acid and vitamin E, which between them, assist your immune system, heart health and encourage the maintenance of healthy eyes, teeth and bones.

The folic acid in almonds may help reduce the risk of cervical cancers. Researchers in Finland have even linked almonds to a reduction in risk of lung cancers.

A study conducted by the University of California found that the consumption of almonds has a significant impact upon the prevention of colon cancer in rats.

In 2006, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating almonds increased levels of cholecystokinin (CCK), which is a hormone that is associated with the satiety that you get from eating fat-rich foods. This means that after eating almonds you feel more satisfied, are less hungry and are less likely to snack. This level of satisfaction was greater in women than men. Further studies conducted by researchers at King’s College in London found that almonds may help to block the absorption of carbohydrates and improve the feeling of satiety in both men and women.

If you combine that with the 2003 study published in the International Journal of Obesity, which showed that adding three handfuls of almonds to a low-calorie diet each day significantly increased the weight loss of the participants in comparison with a low-calorie diet alone, it shows that almonds are a great addition to everybody’s diet.

Almond milk is a beverage made from ground almonds, often used as a substitute for milk. Unlike animal milk, almond milk contains no cholesterol or lactose. As it does not contain any animal products, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians who abstain from dairy products. Almond milk is much better if you blend it yourself using almonds and water. This avoids the deterioration in nutrition when the manufacturers heat treat it.

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