Organic Health Foods

Organic health foods are far better for you, in that they won’t have been contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, won’t contain harmful additives and will invariably taste better too!

The full extent of the toxicity of herbicides and pesticides in food is not fully understood.  From animal studies, we know that certain pesticides can cause genetic damage, fertility issues, allergy responses and cancer, so we do not want to come into contact with them, particularly within our food!

Many studies have indicated that even small doses of pesticides can have a detrimental effect on your health.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where the use of pesticides and herbicides is commonplace.

Of course, your primary strategy should be to avoid pesticides in the first place.  Buying organic fruit or vegetables will significantly help with this.

However, this is not always possible, nor financially practical, so the next step is to understand which fruit and vegetables are more likely to be contaminated, and how you can limit your exposure.

Based upon data from over 42,000 tests for pesticides, conducted by the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (between 2000 and 2005), the following fruit and vegetables were found to contain the most pesticide residues:

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Celery
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pears
  • Grapes (imported)
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes

The foods that contained the least pesticide residues were:

This list is not provided so that you can entirely avoid certain vegetables or fruit, but so that you can take extra care in their preparation, or to prioritise which ones you buy organic.

If you cannot buy organic, be sure to wash all produce thoroughly, before using it.  This will reduce levels of some pesticides, but it may not eliminate them entirely.

Peeling certain fruit and vegetables will make a big difference, but the downside is that key nutrients may be lost.

Any vegetable or fruit with a tough skin, such as apples, carrots, celery, etc, can be scrubbed with a brush under running water, which helps to remove much more of the residue.

Certain waxy-skinned items, such as apples or cucumbers can be peeled, because the waxy coating tends to retain more pesticides than other produce.

Any vegetables that grow with overlapping concentric outer leaves, such as lettuce, cabbage, leeks and onions, should have the outer layers peeled away and removed.  Just wash the inner layers.

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Hyperthermia and Cancer

It has been documented in numerous studies, that not only is cancer vulnerable to an alkaline pH and high levels of oxygen, but cancer cells are also more vulnerable to heat than healthy cells.

If you heat up tissue enough to kill the cancer cells, but not enough to damage the healthy tissue, you have a targeted therapy.

The reason heat kills cancer cells and not healthy cells is that cancer cells derive their energy from a fermentation process which occurs in cells at lower levels of oxygen.  When heat is applied to a cancer cell, it speeds up the rate at which it ferments to produce energy.  This generates acidic waste products at a rate which is too fast for the cell to remove them, so it is killed by its own metabolic products.  This is called acidosis.

The heat also stimulates tumour cells to release specific proteins onto their outer membranes, which enable our immune system to recognise them as cancer cells – thereby triggering our natural immune response against them.

Local hyperthermia can heat up a localised tumour, but if the cancer has spread, (or is harder to isolate), whole-body hyperthermia can create an artificial fever to cause a generalised response.

Local hyperthermia, brought about by a radio emitter fed into a catheter for 3 hours, has proven to be very effective at treating prostate cancer at centres in Germany, (such as the Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, South Germany), with literally thousands of patients symptom-free years later.

In some centres, they can also combine this with added intravenous vitamin C, selenium, and zinc to help stimulate a greater immune response.

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Study: Gender-Bending BPA Causes Migraines, Cancer & Infertility

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism December 4, 2013     Researchers at the University of Kansas (UoK) have released a new study regarding bisphenol A (BPA) shows a link between migraines and the chemical. This report found that BPA causes debilitating headaches in 1 out of 7 persons who ingest the contaminant. Those who react to […]

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FDA Warns Fried & Baked Food Will Produce Known Cancer Agents

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism November 27, 2013     The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning US citizens about acrylamide (ACL), a chemical that is recognized as a known carcinogen. ACL forms in baked and fried foods such as: • Potatoes • Cookies • Cereals • Coffee • Crackers • Breads • Dried fruits […]

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Revlon, supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, uses cancer-causing chemicals in its cosmetics

Revlon, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the country, known for their supportive stance in breast cancer research, is talking the talk but not walking the walk. A survey put out by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics uncovered the startling news that the cosmetic…

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Carcinogenic Parabens Are Contaminating The U.S. Food Supply

Shocking new test results show that carcinogenic parabens are finding their way into a significant proportion of our foods.  The researchers found that an astounding 90% of the food samples tested contained “measurable” concentrations of parabens.

Parabens are normally used in cosmetics and lotions and should not be consumed.  But now they are entering our waterways and food chain.  A recent study from the UK’s University of Reading established that parabens in human breast tissue can cause cells to proliferate into cancer cells.  But that isn’t the limit of their harm…

(By Case Adams) Activist Post Researchers may have solved a vexing mystery as to why parabens contamination in humans has been so pervasive in recent studies: Parabens are increasingly contaminating our food supply. Researchers from the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, along with the University of New York at Albany have determined in a study of foods purchased from local markets that much of the U.S. food supply is contaminated with parabens – a group of chemicals thought previously to produce exposure in humans through the skin in cosmetics and lotions containing […]

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My son has acute lymphoblastic leukemia – how can we support his treatment?


My son is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  He has started his chemotherapy already, but please advise as to the efforts we can put in on our part.


Thank you for your email.  Whilst I am not legally allowed to give medical advice, (please see my medical disclaimer), if I was in your situation I would definitely look into getting a juicer.

This is different to a blender or smoothie maker.  A good quality juicer (and preferably a masticating juicer) will crush fruit and vegetables to release purely the liquid contained within.  A good juicer crushes almost every single cell, so that the pulp is dry afterwards.

The reason I say this, is that you can give your child all manner of very healthy fruit and vegetables that they would not normally consider eating.  If you use apples as a base, with oranges and lime to disguise the taste, you can add broccoli, spinach, carrot, and a number of other anti-cancer vegetables that have been shown to kill or inhibit cancer cells.

Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and red grapes are all good anti-cancer foods.  Ginger is excellent, but has a strong taste, so your child may not want it.

I know of no other way to ensure that a child will consume upwards of 12 portions of fruit and vegetables per day to support their recovery and to help minimise the harmful effects of the treatment.  Kiwifruit has even been shown to prevent DNA damage.

During treatment, it may be very difficult for them to consume anything, given the side-effects of chemotherapy, but if they are getting quality raw, organic fruit and vegetable juice, then it is the best you can do nutritionally unless you also add supplements.  Fresh juice is also best if consumed within 30 minutes of juicing, so that it does not oxidise.

I would also ensure that my child was getting enough omega-3 oils.  The best way is to buy cold pressed organic flax seed oil and to put it on your child’s dinner.  For an adult with cancer, two tablespoons per day is ideal, so for a child 5ml (a teaspoon) per day would be fine.

If you haven’t already purchased the book, Cancer Uncensored, you can learn more about the best foods for your child in the nutrition section of this website.

You can also check out the latest alternative medicine options.  I appreciate that in your case, you are already pursuing chemotherapy.  But in a perfect world, I would recommend you undertake a chemosensitivity test, in order to discover what chemotherapy drugs and natural compounds actually kill your son’s cancer cells, and perhaps just as importantly, which ones do not work.  That way, you can focus on the most effective treatments and supplement with any natural substances that have been shown to kill his particular cancer.

But as with anything medical, I must make a medical disclaimer that nothing in this website is to be considered medical advice and that you should discuss any treatment options or nutritional choices with your doctor.

I sincerely wish you, your son and the rest of your family the best of luck and good health.

Kind Regards
Chris - Cancer Uncensored Signature
Christopher Evans
Author of Cancer Uncensored

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Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) and Cancer

The effect of a GMO diet on rats

A recent peer-reviewed study (published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal) has linked genetically modified foods to an increase in cancer risk in laboratory animals.  In the study, the rats fed on genetically modified corn died prematurely, many of which having tumours the size of golf balls.  50% of the males and 70% of the females died prematurely as a result of a GMO diet.  Not only did these rats have tumours, they also had damage to multiple organs including their liver and kidneys.

The rats were fed a form of genetically modified corn, engineered by a company called Monsanto, to resist a herbicide that they also sell, called Roundup.

This is the same type of corn often found in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn tortillas and corn snack chips.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism.  Genetically modified foods come from plants that have been genetically manipulated to exhibit different traits, including resistance to pests, resistance to weedkiller, tolerance to different temperatures and to modify the product that comes from them.

The purpose of the GMO corn being studied, was that farmers can spray their fields with the herbicide Roundup as much as they want, without killing the corn.  However, Roundup has not only been linked to DNA damage and infertility, but the researchers found that Roundup-ready corn also had similar issues.

Molecular biologist, Dr. Michael Antoniou of King’s College London School of Medicine explained that even the scientists involved in the study were shocked by the aggressive tumor development:

“This research shows an extraordinary number of tumors developing earlier and more aggressively – particularly in female animals. I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts”.

The danger lies in the fact that you cannot genetically manipulate one factor without triggering a raft of other changes that you did not account for.  Even minor changes can have subtle effects that could be expressed over decades, as opposed to months.

In previous studies, genetically modified potatoes engineered by Monsanto were also found to have similar effects.

Jeffery Smith, author and the Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology revealed:

“In the mid-90s, the UK government funded research for a scientist to figure out how to test for the safety of GMO’s. That scientist was Dr Arpad Pusztai – the world’s leading expert in his field. He worked at the top research laboratory in the UK. One of the best in the world. He had about 20 or 30 researchers working with him, in three different institutes.

The protocols that he was designing were supposed to be implemented into EU law as requirements for the safety assessments of any GMO to be introduced into Europe.

He took a potato that was genetically engineered to produce an insecticide and fed it to one group of rats. He fed another group of rats natural potatoes and a third group of rats, natural potatoes plus their meals were spiked with the same insecticide that the modified potato was engineered to produce. So you have GM potato, natural organic potato, and natural potato plus an insecticide and all three [groups of rats] had a completely balanced diet as well.

Only the rats that ate the GM potato got sick. They had potentially precancerous cell growth in their digestive tract, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver and damaged immune systems in 10 days. What was the cause of that damage? It was not the insecticide, because the group eating the insecticide did not have those problems. It was understood that it was the process of genetic engineering itself and the unpredicted side-effects that caused this profound damage to every system and organ studied.”

According to Dr Arpad Pusztai – “Genetically Modified Foods: Potential Human Health Effects.” (2003)

“We measured all sorts of things, growth for example. How these young animals were growing. What happened to their insides and what happened to their immune system and it became clear that the GM group had a slower growth. It had problems with internal development of its organs and it certainly knocked out the immune system”.

“Judging by the absence of published data in peer-reviewed scientific literature, apparently no human clinical trials with GM food have ever been conducted.”

“From the results, the conclusion seems inescapable that the present crude method of genetic modification has not delivered GM crops that are predictably safe and wholesome.”

According to Dr Rima E. Laibow, M.D, the Medical Director of Natural Solutions Foundation,

“every single independent study conducted on the impact of genetically modified food shows that it damages organs, it causes infertility, it causes immune system failure, it causes holes in the gastrointestinal tract, it causes multiple organ system failure when it is eaten.  It causes a variety of changes, some of which we cannot even guess at, as new proteins are coded for by the altered DNA.  [Changes] that we have never seen before.  We are playing with genetic fire”.

“The FDA is composed of smart people. But they are smart people with a conflict-of-interest. They are smart people who make their decisions based upon what will support their financial needs or their academic needs not what makes scientific sense.”

Surprisingly, the amount of safety testing necessary to bring the product to market after genetic modification is slim to none.  In fact, no human studies were required at all, and the study data Monsanto supplied involved less than 40 rats tested over just 90 days!

You may find it disturbing to discover that the FDA doesn’t have a mandatory GM food safety assessment process, and as a result has never approved a genetically modified food as being safe.

Any GM food crops that have hit the commercial market so far, have only participated in a voluntary program whereby the FDA carry out a pre-market review of the GM food, based upon the data that the manufacturer presents.  But this is not a legal requirement, and any research data does not have to be peer-reviewed or published.

In the US, developers of GM crops are legally allowed to put any GMO on the market, on the understanding that they can be held responsible for any harm to consumers that may result from it.

Many people do not realise the extent to which they are exposed to GMOs, nor how significantly altered these organisms are.  For example, wheat in the 1950s and 60s only had 12 chromosomes in its DNA, whereas now, certain strains of wheat have 42!  Humans only have 46.

In the US, the vast majority of animal feed is now genetically modified, and even in the case of GMOs for human consumption, US legislation does not require genetically modified ingredients to be labelled as such.

As of 2010, genetically modified soybeans make up 93 to 95% of the US soybean supply.

Genetically modified corn makes up 86% of the US corn supply.

Genetically modified cotton makes up 93% of the US cotton supply.

There are over 170 million acres of genetically modified crops within United States because they don’t currently have to be labelled as such. These crops include maize/corn, soy beans, cotton, canola oil, sugar beets, rice, potatoes, peas and more.

In more than 50 other countries, including the UK, labelling genetically modified foods is compulsory.  However, they do not have to declare if food is from animals fed GM feed, such as meat, milk or eggs.

To be on the safe side, if you notice the letters “GM”, or “GMM” on your food labelling, do not eat it.

Even if you do not support the view that genetically modified crops are dangerous, you must consider the fact that the genetically modified plants are grown in environments where it is standard practice to use high levels of pesticides, which inevitably contaminate the plant itself.

According to Shiv Chopra Ph.D.

“These pesticides may have killed the weeds or the insects, but the product is still on the plant. Even if it is washed off, it is still within the water supply. These compounds are toxic, they cause cancer, they cause endocryne disruption which affects your hormone levels.”

So where are all the regulatory bodies who should be evaluating or putting a stop to it?

The FDA have stated that genetically engineered foods are substantially equivalent to non-genetically engineered foods.  But as with the aspartame-related conflicts of interest, there are equally incestuous links between the FDA and Monsanto.

Take Michael Taylor for instance.  As of 2010, he is the current deputy commissioner for foods at the FDA.  Let’s take a look at his career history:

1976 – Attorney for FDA
1981 – Attorney for Monsanto
1991 – Deputy Commissioner for Policy, FDA.
1998 – Vice President for Public Policy, Monsanto.
2009 – Senior Adviser to FDA Commissioner.
2010 – Deputy Commissioner for Foods, FDA.

So Monsanto’s former attorney, Michael Taylor, was in charge of policy at the FDA when the GMO policy was created.  He then became Monsanto’s Vice President.  Under the Obama administration, he was put back in the FDA as the “US food safety Tsar”.

According to Joel Bakan, LL.M, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia, Film Director of “The Corporation.”:

“If you look at the Clinton administration, Bush senior, Bush Jr, and Obama [administrations], you look at various high-ranking positions in the administrations of all of those presidents, you find people who’ve worked for Monsanto.”

In the words of Jeffery Smith, author and the Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology:

“In reality, the overwhelming consensus among the scientists at the FDA were not only that GMO’s were different, but they were inherently dangerous. That they might create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. They had urged their superiors to require long-term study and when they saw drafts of the policy coming back to them, they were angry and urged their political appointees to change course. But Michael Taylor and his local appointees ignored the science, ignored the scientists, denied the existence of their concerns and set forth a policy that allowed GMO’s to be put on the market in a way that creates unprecedented risk for human beings and the environment.”

“Monsanto originally said that PCBs were safe.  They were [subsequently] convicted of actually poisoning the people in the town next to the PCB factory and were fined $700 million.  They told us that agent Orange was safe, they told us that DDT was safe and now they are in charge of telling us whether their own genetically modified foods are safe because the FDA does not require a single safety study. They leave it to Monsanto.”

“When genetically modified soy beans were fed to rodents, we have seen changes in the testicles, changes in the sperm cells, changes in uterus and overies, in the DNA functioning of the embryo offspring, smaller babies with a death rate that is 5 times higher compared with controls.  Sterile babies, even babies born with hair in their mouths.

This research has been done by government scientists, and scientists who were at the top of their field.”

So can you trust Monsanto?  Phil Angell, Monsanto’s Director of Corporate Communications, quoted in the New York Times, October 25, 1998 said:

“Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring safety is the FDA’s job.”

Both France and Russia have recently banned GMO crops, so we shall soon see if other countries follow suit.

Regardless of what your government decides, in the interests of remaining cancer-free and maximising your health, the evidence suggests that you should personally avoid genetically modified ingredients in your foods.

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Cauliflower And The Prevention Of Cancer

The Prevention Of Cancer With Cauliflower

As you will have seen in the cabbage section, compounds within cauliflower stimulate the production of I3C, which suppresses the protein that triggers excessive cell reproduction that is common to many types of cancer.

Like broccoli, cauliflower also contains indoles, including sulphuraphane, an isothiocyanate that seems to inhibit breast tumours.

Cauliflower also contains glucosinolates, which have been shown in studies to decrease the risk of prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancer.

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The Anti-Cancer Properties of Apricots

Could Apricots Prevent Cancer?
Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, along with vitamin C, fibre, quercetin and lycopene which all exhibit cancer-fighting properties. In a dried form, they make excellent healthy snacks. The American Cancer Society states that apricots and other foods that are rich in carotenes have the potential to lower the risk of various cancers, including those of the oesophagus, lungs and larynx.

A study of over 50,000 registered female nurses also discovered that those nurses consuming the highest quantities of vitamin A, reduced the likelihood of developing cataracts by nearly 40%, making apricots a fantastic preserver of eye health, by preventing free radical damage to eye tissues over time.

The dried apricots you might get from your supermarket are a bright orange colour, but naturally, apricots turn brown after a short period of time. Maintaining this bright orange colour is due to treatment by sulphur dioxide, which is a preserving agent. Health food stores normally provide unprocessed apricots, which are brown but taste the same.

The seed within the apricots contain significant quantities of vitamin B17, which as described in the section on Apples, has been cited as being one of the most important tools against cancer by many practitioners of alternative medicine.

You can purchase apricot seeds from health food stores, although they may be more difficult to acquire in certain countries.  The more bitter the apricot kernal, the greater the concentration of vitamin B17.  For example, they are available as sweet, bitter and extrememly bitter.

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Stomach Cancer Information

Information on Stomach Cancer:

The causes of stomach cancer

Scientists do not currently know the cause of stomach cancer, but they have identified a number of risk factors that can affect your chance of getting it.

Diet is of particular importance – especially in the case of high quantities of smoked or pickled food. Food hygiene is also important as this can reduce the spread of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria (carried by some types of fly) that can cause stomach ulcers. Many stomach cancer patients have had persistent stomach ulcers leading up to their cancer.

Middle aged (and slightly older) men seem to be the group of people at highest risk from stomach cancer, but it is also found in a higher incidence amongst those suffering from pernicious anaemia – a condition that affects the lining of the stomach and results in a lack of vitamin B12.

The symptoms of stomach cancer

 The following symptoms can be a sign of stomach cancer, although other conditions can induce the same effect:

  • Persistent indigestion.
  • Weight loss.
  • Reduced or lack of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Feeling abnormally bloated after eating,
  • Having blood in your stools (bowel motions) which can sometimes make black stools.

 If you exhibit any of the above symptoms, please consult your doctor for further advice as soon as possible. As with many other cancers (or potential cancers), early intervention is the key to success.

Methods of diagnosis

 Having taken your full medical history and conducted a physical examination, your doctor is likely to want to conduct the following tests:

  • Faecal occult blood test – to detect if there is any blood in your bowel motions.
  • Gastroscopy – After you have fasted to empty your stomach, the doctor will use a narrow flexible telescope to examine the inside of your oesophagus and stomach under local anaesthetic. The gastroscope can be used to photograph the stomach lining and, if necessary, the doctor can conduct a biopsy at the same time.
  • Barium meal – This is where an X-ray of the stomach and oesophagus is taken with the aid of barium – a substance which shows up clearly on the x-ray.

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Cancer Prevention With Beetroot or Beets

Cancer Prevention Using Beetroot or Beets

Beetroot contains a whole range of active ingredients that can help to fight cancer. Firstly, the red pigment (betacyanin) found in beetroot has some anticarcinogenic properties, but not only that, beets also have the property of being able to increase the cellular intake of oxygen by as much as 400%.

This is great news, because cancer cells respond very poorly to elevated levels of oxygen. In fact, a recent study revealed that beetroot juice enabled people to exercise for up to 16% longer because they required less oxygen for the same level of aerobic activity!

Beets also contain manganese, which is needed for your body’s production of interferon, which has been shown in studies to act as a powerful anti-cancer agent.

In addition, betaine, found in beetroot, stimulates liver cells to eliminate toxins. This defence of the liver and bile ducts enables your liver to function more effectively, which detoxifies your whole system.

Many cancer patients have a heavy load placed upon their livers, so any mechanism to improve the function is a good idea. Beetroot juice not only contains high levels of betaine, but it is also alkaline which helps reverse acidosis, which is a precursor for a number of diseases. Any foods that encourage an alkaline environment set up a hostile environment for cancer, because cancer cells prefer acidic conditions within the body.

Beetroot juice has also been found to widen blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure. Just a single 250ml glass each day was clinically proven to significantly lower blood pressure just 24 hours later. Researchers discovered that the active ingredient that achieves this effect was nitrates, because nitrates formed nitric oxide in the blood. They also found that taking nitrates in tablet form achieved the same effect.

Finally, beetroot juice can also combat the effects of nitrites, (not to be confused with nitrates) which are the chemical preservatives used in cured meat products, such as ham. Nitrites have been shown to increase your risk of stomach and bowel cancer. Better to avoid nitrites in cured meats altogether, but if you don’t, then try to consume them with beetroot on the side (as part of a salad) or as beetroot juice.

One word of warning though, for anyone that has not consumed much beetroot before, not everybody has the enzymes necessary to break down the coloured pigment, so you may experience purple or red urine, which is known as beeturia. But this is perfectly harmless.

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Dr Burzynski and Antineoplastons

Back in the early 1970s, Dr Burzynski discovered that there was a fundamental difference between the peptides in the blood and urine samples of cancer patients versus healthy individuals.  The cancer patients were missing some substances that are normally present.  He named these antineoplastons.

YouTube Preview Image

He theorised that by synthesising the missing peptides and putting them back into the body of the cancer patient, he could restore the natural balance and help the body to fight off the cancer.  Dr Burzynski has been artificially synthesising these substances since the 1980s in order to help his patients, and for them to be used in clinics outside of the USA.

Dr Burzynski has worked for decades to save lives and to prove the efficacy of his treatments, despite a running battle with the FDA and the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, who were allegedly under pressure by the FDA.

Appallingly, whilst the FDA was frittering away over $60 million of taxpayers’ money, the US government, via the Department of Health was simultaneously filing patents on Dr Burzynski’s discoveries.

If there is no credence to Dr Burzynski’s discovery, then why are so many of his patients alive years, if not decades, after diagnosis of “incurable” forms of brain cancer?

Equally, why would the US government patent application state “the neoplastic conditions treatable by this method includes neuroblastoma, acute promyelocytic leukaemia, acute myelodysplasia, acute glioma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, medulloblastoma, and Burkitt’s lymphoma.”  (Source: US patent #5,605,930; “Compositions and Methods for Treating and Preventing Pathologies Including Cancer”; Filed 3/7/94; Approved 2/25/97 The USA Dept. of HHS.)

Incredibly, the string of 11 related patents were granted despite them being copycats of a patent that Dr Burzynski had already been granted several years before!

Watch the full version of the Video:

YouTube Preview Image

For more information on Dr Burzynski’s discovery, and the video detailing his legal battles to bring this discovery into mainstream medicine, visit our alternative medicine section or visit Dr Burzynski’s web site:

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Barley And Its Anti-Cancer Properties

The Anti-Cancer Properties of Barley

Barley is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Two different rat studies have indicated significant benefits from consuming Barley in your diet. The first, demonstrated that Barley increases bowel movement and relieves constipation (which reduces your risk of bowel cancer), and the second showed that in rats with existing colon cancer, the group fed on Barley had significantly fewer tumours than the other groups.

This could be due to the effects of the fibre enabling the colon to function correctly, or it could be due to a number of the other anti-cancer compounds found within the Barley including beta-glucans, which aid in immune function and help to lower cholesterol. Other antioxidants, including selenium, quercetin and phenolic acids have all been shown to help reduce cell damage from free radicals, and exert an anti-cancer effect.

To include Barley in your diet, you can replace anywhere up to 50% of the wheat flour you use with Barley flour (although I would advocate you eliminate wheat from your diet altogether if possible), or else you can add cooked Barley to other foods such as soups and salads. Barley flakes are a very simple addition to breakfast cereal.

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Can Avocados Prevent Cancer?

Do Avocados Prevent Cancer?

A study conducted by the UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition showed that when avocado extract was added to prostate cancer cells, cell growth was inhibited by up to 60%.

Aside from the UCLA study data, avocados are one of the rare fruit that contain an excellent source of healthy fat. They are fantastic as part of a salad, because the fat within the avocado greatly increases your body’s ability to absorb the nutrition in the rest of your food.

Many nutrients require fat to transport them into the body, which is the biggest problem with low-fat diets that can leave you malnourished. Eating avocado in combination with other fruit and vegetables, has been shown to increase your absorption of lutein four times over, your absorption of alpha-carotene, eight times over, and boost your absorption of beta-carotene, a whopping 13 times over! Beta-carotene has excellent anti-cancer properties, so being able to increase its absorption is very important.

Avocados are also rich in the amino acid tryptophan, with a side order of vitamin B6 and folic acid. These key nutrients are used in the synthesis of serotonin, which is the feel-good neurotransmitter in your brain. Serotonin is vitally important when it comes to elevating your mood and fending off depression. As you will see in the psychology section of this book, your mood can have a drastic impact upon survival rates, so never underestimate the value of looking after your emotional health.

Finally, avocado contains natural antibiotic and antifungal chemicals.

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