Laboratories That Conduct Cancer-Related Tests

To follow is a list of laboratories that offer a range of diagnostic screening tests to help with the detection and monitoring of various cancers, including :

  • Cancer antigen CA 15-3 – a sensitive blood test that gives an elevated result in the presence of breast cancer.
  • Cancer antigen CA 125 – a blood test that gives an elevated result in the presence of malignancies of the ovary.
  • Prostate specific antigen or PSA – a blood test to help detect prostate cancer.
  • Carcinoembryonic antigen or CEA – a blood test that detects a substance produced by malignant tumours.
  • Cancer antigen CA 19-9 – a blood test detecting a substance found in the serum of many patients with pancreatic, gastro-intestinal and hepatobiliary cancers.
  • Alpha fetoprotein or AFP – a blood test to detect a protein found in elevated levels in the presence of liver cancer, and sometimes in the presence of testicular, ovarian, stomach, or pancreatic cancer.
  • Placental alkaline phosphatase – a blood test to detect a substance that is present in 40-65% of patients with ovarian carcinoma and in up to 10% of other cancer patients.

This list is currently being updated – please contact us with your location to discover how to conduct tests in your country / area.

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