Insulin Potentiation / Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT)

Cancer cells have many more sugar and insulin receptors than normal cells.  Which gives your doctor a unique opportunity to exploit this in order to make chemotherapy much more effective (and with less side-effects).

If you eat sugar, and your pancreas releases insulin (which tells your cells to store the sugar), the cancer cells are able to absorb much more sugar than other cells.

If you lower a person’s blood sugar to 50mg/dl, or even as low as 30mg/dl, then the starving tumour is very receptive to receiving more sugar.  In effect, the doors are wide open to taking materials into the cancer cells.

This dramatically increases the cancer cells’ vulnerability to low doses of chemotherapy – allowing much less to work in a much more targeted way.  As little as just 20% of the usual dose is still effective, yet does not damage other bodily systems in the same way as conventional chemotherapy.

After this process, the patient can be brought back up to normal blood sugar levels and then exposed to hyperthermia, which also increases the effectiveness of the chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy loaded cancer cells exposed to hyperthermia for around 60 to 90 minutes are often significantly damaged, and this has been used to effectively treat brain cancers, pancreatic cancers, lung cancer, sarcoma and more, at clinics in Germany.

My wife and I combined this approach with a chemosensitivity test in order to determine which of 15 different chemotherapy drugs her cancer cells were most vulnerable to.  It turned out that 11 of the potential chemotherapy drugs were borderline useless, one killed 60% of her cultured cancer cells, one killed 78% of them and another killed 82% of them.  This information was invaluable in choosing the right compound for her.

This is common sense science, but unfortunately it is not yet mainstream medicine in the US and UK.  We had the chemosensitivity test carried out in the UK, but for treatment, we had to travel to Germany but it was still relatively affordable.  Contact us for more information if you want to know more about the diagnostic tests we conducted and where we went for treatment.

(As a sidenote, the chemosensitivity test also tested for over 25 natural substances which may kill cancer cells, and this highlighted over a dozen natural compounds we could supplement with.  Substances that killed between 30 to 50% of her cultured cancer cells!  To take this a step further, we had these substances made into a topical cream that my wife could put directly on her tumour – although not everyone will be able to do this due to the location of their cancer).

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