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  • Which foods or extracts inhibit or kill cancer cells grown in laboratory studies.
  • Which foods or extracts prevent, inhibit or shrink tumours in animal studies.
  • Which foods or extracts correlate with a reduction in cancer prevalence in human population studies. (Epidemiological studies).
  • Which foods or extracts have been seen to make a difference in human clinical trials.
  • The top things to do to reduce your risk.
  • The top things to avoid to reduce your risk.
  • How to use your psychology in a way shown to increase survival rate.

With Cancer Uncensored, you ALSO get the A-Z list of anti-cancer super foods to add to your diet and the step-by-step cheat sheets to make it EASY!

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Signed book upgrade – includes book autographed by the Author plus a free electronic version of the book (Kindle, MOBI, EPUB, PDF and Android App for your mobile device) @ £19.99 plus £2.75 international shipping

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Audio book (Coming Soon)


Donate – We strongly believe that the education and information offered at can save lives, and as such, we passionately spread the word.  Help the message spread further by making a donation.  Donated funds will be put towards raising awareness and distributing this information free of charge to those unable to pay for it.

Over 7 million people die from cancer every year worldwide, with over 500,000 cancer deaths in the US and 150,000 deaths in the UK.  85% of those deaths were preventable.  Help us to make a difference.


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