Do Brazil Nuts Prevent Cancer?

Can Brazil Nuts Prevent Cancer?

Brazil nuts have been found to be more protective against cancer than pure selenium selenite. They contain an abundance of selenium, which is a mineral that has mood boosting properties, which can include relieving fatigue, anxiety and depression. They also contain ellagic acid, a compound that blocks enzymes that are necessary for the growth of cancer cells.

Combine that with the enzyme glutathione, (which suppresses free radicals and has been shown in studies to slow or halt the development of tumours), vitamin E, magnesium, iron and omega-6 essential fatty acids and you have probably the most nutritious nut of them all. You should try to eat some everyday, along with walnuts and almonds.

Power Combination: combine Brazil nuts with cabbage or broccoli or other sources of sulforaphane such as watercress, or rocket. According to the Institute of Food Research, if you combine sulforaphane with selenium (in Brazil nuts), the combined cancer fighting properties are up to 13 times more potent than either one alone.

You also get selenium in walnuts, eggs, soya beans and seafood. Try adding chopped Brazil nuts to coleslaw or sauerkraut, or a grating them onto a rocket salad.

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