Carcinogenic Parabens Are Contaminating The U.S. Food Supply

Shocking new test results show that carcinogenic parabens are finding their way into a significant proportion of our foods.  The researchers found that an astounding 90% of the food samples tested contained “measurable” concentrations of parabens.

Parabens are normally used in cosmetics and lotions and should not be consumed.  But now they are entering our waterways and food chain.  A recent study from the UK’s University of Reading established that parabens in human breast tissue can cause cells to proliferate into cancer cells.  But that isn’t the limit of their harm…

(By Case Adams) Activist Post Researchers may have solved a vexing mystery as to why parabens contamination in humans has been so pervasive in recent studies: Parabens are increasingly contaminating our food supply. Researchers from the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, along with the University of New York at Albany have determined in a study of foods purchased from local markets that much of the U.S. food supply is contaminated with parabens – a group of chemicals thought previously to produce exposure in humans through the skin in cosmetics and lotions containing […]

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  1. Parbens are also in so-called inactive ingredients in many prescription drugs.

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