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Everyone is talking about Cancer Uncensored – your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival.

Below are just some of the many reviews, testimonials, evaluations and critiques we have received.  They are genuine readers’ reviews,  which reflect their own opinions and experiences.  We always welcome more, so please share your story, using the form below!

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About Christopher C. Evans

1 in 3 of us will get cancer within our lifetimes, yet 85% of cancer is preventable. My book, Cancer Uncensored, tells you how. It shows what connects the people who DON'T get cancer, and what connects those who survive it. It even includes an A to Z of anti-cancer superfoods which have been shown to kill cancer cells. This is information your doctor isn't even ALLOWED to tell you about.

But it isn't just about cancer, I lost 32 lbs putting the information into practice because I uncovered 5 critical factors for quick weight loss without exercise.

Get your copy of Cancer Uncensored today and help me prevent the 7 million unnecessary cancer deaths each and every year by simply clicking "Like", "+1" and Tweeting to raise awareness!


  1. I had already started out on a journey to look after my health and ward off disease when I came across this book after several members of my and my partner’s family were affected by cancer. One in three people will now get cancer at some point in their lives, so this is something we all need to take very seriously. I knew some of the basic facts about the importance of nutrition, and in particular I had recently learned about the importance of reducing acidity in your diet. But this book has opened up a world of information which is both astounding and of vital importance to anyone who has been wondering why we are getting cancer and what we can do about it. I would recommend anyone to read it, and if you really care about your future health it really can help change your life. I feel empowered and am already making many changes to make a better and healthier life. As I write this I am here to buy another copy of the book for a friend!

  2. Amy Josuweit says:

    I’m floored by the sheer amount of knowledge in this book. Cancer Uncensored is not only raw, clear, and focused, but it discusses all angles and corners of cancer and it’s treatment. This book approaches the body as a whole, not simply focusing in on the cancer portion. Most importantly, the book hones in on cancer prevention – a topic widely ignored in today’s medicine. Just as the book says, “It is time to get serious. It is time to SURVIVE.” If you are serious about surviving, and want to know how to avoid or cure cancer, this is one of the best books I can think of to turn to.

    Anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from reading this book. The amount of information is absolutely mind-boggling. I personally had no idea that cancer was a recent development, and the types of foods that should be eaten (or avoided). This book even gets into the psychology of survival and environmental factors that should be avoided. While we each know on some level that certain activities and foods can raise our likelihood of getting cancer, it’s immensely important to have these things all in one list and location.

    The icing on the cake? The author includes three “subcategories” to the book, each catering to your reading style (or even how much information you’re willing to read through and absorb). He coins these “The Lazy Guide”, “The Dedicated Guide”, and “The Survivor’s Guide”. Depending on how much you’re willing to dive into the book, each section can help you approach it. This is fantastic, considering that I know many people who need this information but are not avid readers. If you can’t afford a large amount of time to the book, however, and still want the critical info, the author has made it easy.

    A good friend of mine was recently hospitalized and needed surgery on her brain to remove a malignant tumor. Shortly after, my aunt discovered she had ovarian cancer and is currently in treatment. These two women are fantastic women, have always been healthy, and never expected to have to deal with cancer in their lifetimes. Don’t assume it won’t happen to you, and don’t underestimate the knowledge in this book – it can help save your life, and the lives of your loved ones. I know I’ll be keeping this book as a handy reference guide, and passing the word on to my friends, healthy and otherwise!

  3. Okay then, Chris’ book, OMG I love it, really love it. It speaks of everything you want to know on the subject, all the questions one might have are here and answered, an easy and quick ready reference; what more could you want.

    The format is lovely, making it comfortable to read, the Table of Contents is clear making topics easy to find, and I love the photographs too, they serve to set the text firmly into the memory when seeing these foods at a later date. Brilliant, this volume will be read cover to cover and kept close to hand for future reference.

    ‘Cancer Uncensored’ will be annotated, bookmarked, read & reread!

    Thank you SO much.

  4. Certainly “food for thought” A really interesting and factual book. Everything you need to know all in one place. Keep up the good work.

  5. Earlean Scibold says:

    I have a long history of cancer in my family so I figured my chances of getting it is pretty high. My best chance of beating it is being an informed patient. This guide has been extremely helpful and has given me a lot of important information. No more scouring the internet for info. I hope to never have to use it, but at least I’m informed. Thank you!

  6. Allan Wiehle says:

    This guide has really put my mind at ease. It answers a lot of questions that I’ve had in a clear and concise manner. I’m glad it is backed by scientific data rather than some guy on a blog.

    Worth every penny.

  7. Samantha Jones says:

    Good Morning Chris,

    I was in the training session with Barker Ross on Tuesday.

    Just wanted to advise that I have purchased your book on my kindle and I am passing word around my weight watchers club regarding the health aspect and in the hope that they also purchase.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it appears I have been going about my dieting the wrong way.

    Good luck with your future sales.

    Kind Regards

    Samantha Jones
    Recruitment Consultant

  8. Hi Chris

    I am myself a cancer survivor of just over 10 years. Your book sounds like a really interesting publication and one which will perhaps empower people to take control.

    I am a regular donator to cancer charities but if you have a Just Giving
    page, I’d be happy to make a donation. Naturally, I wish your wife all the very best for her treatment.

    Kind regards


  9. Hope you and your wife are well. I’ve enjoyed reading your book and am staggered by the amount of research you have clearly put into it. It makes very enlightening reading.

    Kind regards


  10. My mum has just been diagnosed for the third time with breast cancer. I look forward to reading your book as any knowledge for this disease is beneficial.

    Thanks again,


  11. Thank you very much Chris. I have found what I have read so far extremely interesting. I will certainly forward the details of your half-day health promotion sessions to our MD.

    May I wish you and your wife all the very best.



  12. I am really enjoying your book and wanted to recommend it to people. It is a very easy read and is laid out in handy sections so you can pick it up and put it down, or use it as a reference.

    Many people are frightened of the subject matter, but they shouldn’t be, because the worst thing that can happen from your advice is better health! Thank you.

  13. Our workman, Paul, gave my mother your book and it is of great interest to her, as she has always been hugely interested in healthy eating, diet, exercise etc.

    Mum is doing really well and is now nearing the end of her treatment so hopefully will continue to go from strength to strength. Thanks for your offer of support and a chat if needed. I very much appreciate that and i extend the same to yourself if you ever require it.

    Thanks again and all our love to your wife, family and yourself


  14. Robert Jones says:

    My wife (Paula) is about half way though the book and said there’s some really good info in there. She’s already changed our shopping basket and drinks 🙂

  15. Brian Murrin says:

    I am half way through the book and I have to say it’s amazing. It makes perfect sense. You are a man of many talents. Two of my friends want copies, so I will tell them where they can get it. I will be telling all my friends about it. Thank you.

  16. This book shows you what you can do to stack the odds in your favour. It explains facts, explodes myths and gives some practical tips.

    It is not about living a totally green lifestyle or about never going out or about giving up all that you enjoy! Its merely learning a few things that can help… help save a life, your’s maybe?

    This book is light reading and simple. It shows simple ways that you can add to your lifestyle or diet to make powerful differences and increase not just survival rates but more importantly reduce the chances of being diagnosed!

    Please, for the cost of a lunchtime snack, just once, buy this book, learn about how to reduce your risk and save a life at the same time….and find out why I now eat the pips in apples!!

  17. WOW. You have to read this, it is probably the most revealing book I have ever read, worth every penny!!!. READ IT NOW, IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.

  18. Simon Sharrod says:

    Wow this book has been a revelation. We had been worried about cancer for a while as it is affecting so many people now including people we know and love. Like others we had already been taking steps with our diets to build up our immune system – but this has opened up a whole new world about why so many people are getting cancer and also what we can do to help prevent it happening to us. I think anyone reading it will learn a lot, as we did, and will feel inspired to do something about it – we have already started to make changes to how we eat after reading it. Highly recommended.

  19. I, personally have never really thought about cancer prevention or what I would do if I were to be diagnosed with cancer. I was one of those people who thought ‘it won’t happen to me’. However, life is cruel. In reality it can happen and occur to anyone without notice. This book is fantastic to get you clued up on prevention and survival techniques without drastic medical therapies or surgery. If it really is as simple as altering your diet and adding regular exercise to your daily routine, I urge everybody to take this up. It’s simple, easy and anyone can do it. I will be passing this on to my friends and family to help spread the word. Truly brilliant and insightful.
    Thank you.

  20. This is an extraordinary read and I feel it is a gift to us all. In its quest to help us live a longer and healthier life, this book inspired and motivated me to give my family and especially my children the best chance of a healthy future. I found it easy to read in spite of having no medical or scientific background. Knowledge is power! I think that Christopher Evans was definitely ‘meant’ to write it. Moreover, I believe that we were meant to read it. If it can help save the life of just one person – someone, somewhere – it isn’t just valuable information, it is beyond price. Thank you so much.

  21. This is, without doubt, the most informative health related book I have ever read.
    Some really interesting and thought-provoking points. I am recommending it to all my friends and family.

    Thank You

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